Discover Weligama | Marriott
Discover Weligama | Marriott
About the film
Taking their ‘Travel Brilliantly’ philosophy ahead, Weligama Bay Marriott Resort & Spa inspires people to travel through a montage of short narratives captured across Weligama. The film highlights the niche experiences that the lesser known travel destination has to offer.

Media Strategy:

The film has been translated to five different languages as a part of a global digital campaign.

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Execution & Process
We wanted to position the property as a gateway to the lesser known destination. The recce played an important role in shortlisting the niche experiences. We realised the people of Weligama were as important as the destination itself. Thus began our journey. To keep the scenes true to their origin, most of the Human subjects in the film are not acting. Rather, they were asked to carry on with their daily routine. They were filmed until the presence of a camera didn't bother them.