The Diwali Campaign | Courtyard by Marriott
The Diwali Campaign | Courtyard by Marriott
About the campaign
Every year, during Diwali, Courtyard by Marriott, Mumbai curates premium Diwali Hampers. These hampers are purchased by their top clients/individuals who want to maintain a certain social status. This year, the team wanted to increase the overall sales of the hampers. Until recently, they would promote their hampers via cold calls to their clients, flyers and physical visits to their client's offices. Their usual marketing is functional in nature and it didn't help in attracting new clients. Watch our case study to know how we generated leads worth over 4 million rupees.
  • Leads worth over 4 million rupees
  • Over 350 leads
  • A mention in Times of India's Brand Equity
Watch the case study.