The 15-Year Old Halwai
The 15-Year Old Halwai | Marriott
About the film
The film revolves around the then 15-year old Halwai who fought several obstacles to pursue his dream. It begins with Halwai Raghvendra proclaiming his love for preparing sweets - which dates back to when he was 15 years of age. The conflict of his story is delivered within a few seconds as he explains how everyone was against his dream.
  • 28 million organic impressions
  • Organic reach of over 12 million
  • 5.6 million views (organic, zero media spends)
  • A TEDx talk
  • Numerous PR stories
  • Guests flew down from across the country
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Execution & Process
We decided to create a film on Marriott's Halwai after screening several employees. Halwai Raghvendra’s story was created using bits & pieces of his spoken words. Way before the filming of his story we would have regular chats with him, almost every other day. Every new chat brought about a new insight. On weaving his words together, we were delighted to see the right kind of motivation arising from the story.