Tuzki X Manish Arora | Cartoon Network
Tuzki x Manish Arora | Cartoon Network
Tuzki (pronounced Tuts-ki) is an extremely popular character in China. Tuzki’s emoji, GIFs, animations and stickers are available on various platforms from social media networks to messenger services. In order to widen the reach of China’s favourite emoticon - Tuzki, WarnerMedia partnered with globally acclaimed fashion designer - Manish Arora for the international launch of a special Tuzki-inspired collection.
Additional details:
Launched as a part of Manish’s Fall-Winter collection, it was unveiled at the mecca of international fashion trends, the prestigious Paris Fashion Week. This collaboration is all set to elevate Tuzki’s presence to an unprecedented international scale, expanding his popularity beyond the China market. To support this launch, we created snippets of the duo’s (Tuzki and Manish Arora’s) journey from China to Paris and India via colourful animated shorts.
The Execution.
On one hand Tuzki is known to be in an environment of pleasingly vibrant colours, Manish Arora’s designs on the other are loudly psychedelic, known for his obsession with overstated colours, especially gold and pink. We combined the two aesthetics and created a colour palette that was used on a fabric-like canvas. Here are some snippets from the film.